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LSTS has a waitlist for all services.  To be placed on the waitlist we must have a copy of your child’s diagnostic report and a referral from a diagnosing physician. 

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Client Waitlist

Waitlist preference will be given to siblings of clients currently being served at LSTS.  Other determining factors in being pulled from the waitlist could include:  age, date of request, hours available, insurance, clinician expertise, and method of communication.

Exclusionary Criteria

LSTS does not accept clients who engage in severe and consistent aggression, dangerous elopement, serious self-injurious behavior or  property destruction that requires more than one staff member to manage. LSTS will only accept clients that have not engaged in severe aggression requiring the support of more than one person within the last 6 months. If LSTS becomes aware or receives knowledge that false information has been provided regarding severe aggression, dangerous elopement, serious self-injurious behavior,  or property destruction in your child’s repertoire, this may result in immediate termination due to the safety risk posed in an environment that is not equipped to manage these behaviors. If your child develops behaviors with aggression, dangerous elopement, serious self-injurious behavior, or property destruction that immediately affects the safety of others and requires more than one employee to assist with, it is likely that services will need to be discontinued.

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